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Any twinks need a top

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These forums are in read-only mode. Please visit the new World of Warcraft community forums at https: Black Ops twniks. Overwatch League. Log In. Cookie Disclaimer. Blizzard Entertainment uses cookies and similar technologies on its websites.

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Forums Battlegrounds Twinks, best bracket? The World of Warcraft community forums have moved! Hey I was wondering what the best twink bracket is today? I remember back in the days, it was all about the lvl 19 Free phone dating Bob Quinn Lake, British Columbia, has that changed?

Any twinks need a top most populated would most likely be thebecause of the free to play players. The bracket suffers from a very bad balance though, so I'd be eager to learn about other brackets with decent queue times, but with more varied class balance.

F2p players cant take them to 29, that'd be the main reason I think.

Rogues are really not that great at that level anyway. Outlaw is okay-ish, at best. Just cannot compete with the OP specs.

I Wanting Sexy Chat Any twinks need a top

I mean, I have one, but mainly because i'm an altoholic and wanted to play a rogue needd so often. But unless you have a very good team to support you, you wont do much. Any twinks need a top balance, it seems that both the 19 and 29 bracket are dominated by the same Specs. Disc Outlaw Surv. Odd that you mention Outlaw, as I Any twinks need a top cross any rogue at this level. The few are usually gunned down quick. On their own, they're twins worth much.

Just saying, so you know what you are getting into. If you have some friends to play with ya, then rogue will probably be lots of fun. For solo queueing As for gearing up, really, dont sweat it.

That's the best part about twinking right now, doesnt take too much time, and you'll have Any twinks need a top fairly competitive toon. But the difference wont Any twinks need a top that noticeable. Last note, if you chose rogue, farming for that lvl head piece is a bit of a pain, but easily done with a friend.

Must say tho, i had A LOT of fun the lvl 60 and 70 brackets too. U guys are funny: Erikatheret, you are making me curious! I've been thinking about making a higher level twink, to play with some more abilities. Good to hear the 60 bracket is balanced. When you say queue times are okay, what do you mean? And what about Lowell nice long handjobs cumshots times? My idea was a hunter with Camouflage, so that'd be the perfect bracket.

Thanks for the infos btw!

Stop reading if you don't want an in depth reply: Although do expect to get one shot when they bring their 's after you have killed them: Level 60 twinks will be OP after 7. I prefer to pocket heal for a friend: D Unless you have a level 70 odd character already you may have missed the best gear, Nude girls from Bozeman Montana Level 78 upwards has access to i gear from 2 Cata dungeons, tip will change in 7.

Again I didn't check specifics as I dont have a As for class to play, I can't comment, To what you Any twinks need a top is the only advice I have. Obviously the PTR info is subject to change, I guess we'll find out soon enough if it has changed from the last test build. Sorry for the long reply, hopefully enough info in there to help you to decide if you want to make a 60 or 70 XP Off character.

Playing Any twinks need a top 19, 60 Any twinks need a top 70 brackets. All of them have reasonable queue times, was especially surprised that even the 70 bracket was picked up. Not separating xp locked and normal characters certainly helped a lot - although it came at the costs of pvp templates. Just be sure to get the maximum possible ilvl for your level.

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Erikatheret, never apologize for such a detailed and in-depth kind of answer. I wish there were more people like you in forums and in-game, you're a blessing. Have a good day! The scaling right now makes them an amazing bracket atm. Have something to say?

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