baby/ grapefruit baby/ one brown one creme


this part obstacle course, part solo ritual, part group ritual, part collective action, part performance can only be performed once. The corps consists of individuals whom have received a written score of directives from me a week before the show. They were asked to memorize the score, and show up tonight to perform it for the first time. Some of these people are dancers, some are not. Some I know personally, and some I have never met before. Most of us are meeting for the first time this evening. all performers, musicians and collaborators have been invited from a large and diverse community of queer and transgender folk from the NY, PA, LA and MA area. 

developed by: devynnemory/beastproductions
vocals: Margot Bassett and devynn emory covering Perfume Genius
recorded sound by: Aria Orion
corps: Margot Bassett, devynn emory, Leandro Dahlstrom Gimeno, Jasmine Hearn, Sabina Ibarrola, Casey Llewellyn, Damien Luxe, Zavé Martohardjono, Meghan Milam, Caitie Moore, Alicia Ohs, Iele Paloumpis, Alex Samets

made at Issue Project Room, Residency 2013


a small excerpt from baby at MR @ Judson Church in it's infant stages.

Writing on baby/ grapefruit baby/ one brown one creme:

interview by Marissa Perel for ISSUE PROJECT ROOM

an interview with writer/artist Marissa Perel, on my evening of baby/grapefruit baby/one brown one creme