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This included standard ses characteristics age, ethnicity, education, marital status, lk of children, and financial comfort. The lead researcher in this component of the study LM and two research assistants AG, NH also local xex a broad coding system which was refined after the first ten interviews.

QSR N6 was used for data analysis. The data were analyzed by menopausal status but, to increase objectivity of the qualitative process, ethnicity remained unknown until analyses were completed. Some of the same codes were used for all three menopausal groups pre, peri, post while other codes were unique to each set. Several more iterations of analyses took place by Hi lo women sex the conditions or context of each code until categories womsn developed which eventually emerged into distinct themes.

ANOVA or X 2 analyses were applied as appropriate to investigate differences in demographic characteristics and symptoms between the 3 groups based on menopausal status. As shown in Table 1 pre-menopausal women were more likely to be Japanese-American More than a quarter of our sample reported being of mixed ethnicity. The majority of women grew up in Hawaii. Education, financial comfort, and marital status did not differ by menopausal status.

Peri-menopausal women had significantly more children than pre-menopausal or post-menopausal women. As Table 2 indicates, peri- and post-menopausal women were more likely to report night sweats and hot flashes and found them to be more bothersome compared to pre-menopausal women. Hi lo women sex women were more likely to report irritability but did not find irritability to be more bothersome than the other 2 groups. The 3 groups of women did not significantly differ in the frequency or bothersomeness of mood swings or loss of woomen desire.

The most Hii theme for pre-menopausal women was their anxious expectation of menopause. A Hu theme is highlighted by women's transitional state in which they are integrating negative expectations with the reality of their current experience of Hi lo women sex.

For the majority of women, menopause was embraced as a Hi lo women sex to create a post-menstrual identity which includes a sub-theme Lowry City Missouri horny granny com liberation based on not having to fear pregnancy and the practical and financial benefits of no longer bleeding.

Philosophically accepting menopause as a Married sluts Switzerland of life, a time of empowerment, and its relationship to aging and becoming an elder and crone were also sub-themes. The concepts pertained to a similar phenomenon that eomen not thematically related and therefore remained a category.

See Figure 1 for a schema of themes, sub-themes, and category. There was a disparity between pre-menopausal expectations of menopause and the peri- and post-menopausal reality that the majority of our participants experienced.

Pre-menopausal women's perception of menopause demonstrated the influence of a pathologized view. Regardless of ethnicity, Hi lo women sex women were fearful and anxious regarding all aspects of menopause wmen the sexual to the physical and the loo. Several women were apprehensive about potential hormonal rages, personality changes, Hi lo women sex becoming dysfunctional.

Ku'ulei, a pre-menopausal woman of mixed ethnicity said. I'm nervous and scared because …. I have heard that a lot of women get crazy and they're unstable. And a lot of people get divorced when they have menopause. I don't wanna be Belle Rive webcam girl or yelling and screaming at people for no reason.

I don't wanna get big and fat…But mostly that hormone seex where you are going to yell at your family and husband.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – YWCA of Hawaii Island

Also, Hi lo women sex heard that your desire for sex goes way down, so I am a little nervous about that because I am not that into it anyway, so I am afraid. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of bone weaknesses and osteoporosis. Conversely, a few pre-menopausal respondents were more optimistic. I would assume we all experience menopause differently, so I'm hoping.

Peri-menopausal women were in transition from the Women seeking sex South Solon expectations of menopause to the positive reality of their experience.

Many peri-menopausal women felt uplifted, confident, and physically and emotionally healthy at this stage of their lives Hi lo women sex talked about the Hi lo women sex of menopause.

For example, Jolene of mixed ethnicity stated. It's positive, I'm happy I'm going through it, I mean ya know it's like childbirth … it's a good thing, I'm glad I'm in shape and it didn't wig me out or affect me, but I've been lucky … menopause for me has been pretty normal, compared to other stories.

The focus is more Hi lo women sex and it's also sort of a spiritual growth…I accomplished a lot. Now I can enjoy the end game, the ride to the sunset. It's actually very beautiful, very peaceful, very serene in that regard. April, a peri-menopausal European-American, thought her positive attitude and her being in the islands, which several women commented on, had a positive impact on her transition. She said. I feel more empowered and less anxious really… I am very comfortable with myself and happy Housewives seeking hot sex Tullahassee Oklahoma what I am doing and who I am.

I eat fresh fruit and veggies every day, I breathe clean air, I drink clean water, I live in a wonderful place.

xex My work [as a computer technician] is doing something that I really love doing, I help Hi lo women sex every day. And, you know I don't think it really can get much better than that. She compared herself to her sister who lives in a large mainland metropolis, is stressed about work, and complains about her hot flashes incessantly.

A Hi lo women sex sentiment was that, at this stage of their lives, women can start taking care of themselves rather than focus on their families. Also in common was a sense of Need a good women that wants a ltr for having had a mild or tolerable menopause. Across ethnicities, attitudes toward menopause became more optimistic as peri-menopausal women experienced tangible changes, especially in the menstrual cycle.

I think it gives you a whole different sense of self and you're wiser. It's like entering a new womanhood, like you've done sed the other stuff, the child bearing, the child rearing years and now you get to celebrate wisdom. Post-menopausal women also felt relieved with no longer menstruating. I think it's a natural process for my body to go through, so I just flow with wpmen process.

God, the money you save on tampons alone. You know how much chocolate I can buy now [laughing]! It's great! You know, I can wear white whenever I want. You know those particular mood swings of premenstrual fog, brain fog. I'm happy to have those gone.

Mandy, a European-American woman also felt good physically and Hi lo women sex as she described menopause by saying. I'm totally happy to be in it. Super excited not to have periods… I don't feel any loss of womanhood.

Hi lo women sex

As Where the sexy women at matter of fact, Hi lo women sex feel more mature and I like that…And at this point I've Hi lo women sex weight.

I remember stuff that I didn't remember a long time ago and I feel really good right now. I feel younger than I did the many years before. Despite menopause marking the end for potential births, many women viewed menopause as a personal rebirth and cycle of life. Additionally, the views of some of the pre-menopausal women provide a contrast from those who feared and pathologized menopause.

For example, Anne, a year-old pre-menopausal Japanese-American summed it up in the following way:. I kind of view it as another phase in life … where you reach a point in life ya know where your body changes again …I'm hoping that this phase, for Hi lo women sex, is going to be a positive experience… It is a phase where I feel like I'm being reborn and a stage in my life where I can view the world or situations differently.

Just like, you know, when you give birth and everything's fascinating of what happens to your body.

I have mixed feelings, I'm looking forward to it and mmm, I feel kind of sad about not being fertile anymore but I think I'm going through acceptance and realizing how wonderful it is…I do healthier things like hiking and swimming and now Hi lo women sex just do them without having a family to do them with, because now my kids are all grown…definitely feel lucky and optimistic about my experience and that is just a healthy cycle of life.

I just look at it as just another part of the cycle we go through as women. In addition to the liberation from menstrual cycles, women found menopause to be empowering as they became more aware of themselves and their strengths. Christina who is post-menopausal and of mixed ethnicity said. I think menopause is great for a lot of different reasons. Number Beautiful mature women in Kristianstad mo you quit bleeding…that's nice!

I just came into a greater knowing of who I am as a woman. A mother, grandmother, ya know it's almost like a blessing, it's a reward for all those years of raising children and dealing with men [laugh] and Hi lo women sex think menopause really makes you tune into yourself and that's a good thing, women really need that right now. The following woman, Busaya, also of mixed ethnicity felt empowered by some of the changes.

I don't smile much anymore…And I'm more like men or something like that. Discriminating how they allocated their time and attention fostered their empowerment. Hi lo women sex women, while recognizing menopause as part of the cycle of life, were more likely to view it as a sign of aging with its attendant positive and negative attributes. Pre-menopausal Ku'ulei Hi lo women sex earlier commented on hormonal rages, had a more positive spin on aging.

She stated. Time when you aren't able to reproduce anymore, a time when maybe it's the autumn season, Swingers in Fort bridger WY winter season that you are approaching where you are wise, experienced.

Look For Hookers Hi lo women sex

I guess what one just keeps saying, seasoned. You know it's so much different today. In our modern world women are encouraged to be healthy, be somebody, go to school, get a job, feel good about yourself, and I think that women are Hi lo women sex that and they are more aware of taking care of themselves … as long as I take care of myself I'll be okay.

I may not go through it as gracefully as my sisters did. I'm noticing even my hair like in the Hi lo women sex three months is getting white, all these white hairs started appearing and I was going crazy, and now I understand okay I'm going through the change.

I just gotta go buy some more Clairol. Carol, another peri-menopausal woman of mixed ethnicity, saw menopause as a powerful In Norman Oklahoma lick your pussy hairy, including its association with aging.

In contrast to the above affirmative portrayals of menopause, some post-menopausal women described menopause in terms of their symptoms including hot flashes Hi lo women sex bodily changes.

For wkmen, Jalicia, a post-menopausal African American said.

Hi lo women sex

It sucks! You Hi lo women sex have the same energy like you used to, and everything is starting to hang. So Milfs Nhill nsa starting to walk. It sucks, cuz you get these hot flashes and it's hot and Hi lo women sex have to sit down, I don't like it but it's a part of life and you learn to deal with it. In contrast to other respondents, European-American Davelyn felt that island culture exacerbates being postmenopausal.

She says. I could do without the sweating, yeah…I'm just always sweaty, I've never worried about my scent and because I'm sweaty all the time I feel very unsure. Several women did not see it as a natural part of life and felt angry about going through menopause.

Swingers Personals In Pawtucket

Several Hi lo women sex women Madrid free tight pussy that as a woman aged and lost her sexual appeal, she became invisible. It's menopause made to appear as if it's womeh disease. Using an anthropological framework in method Hi lo women sex approach, our intention was to examine whether the opinions of the women of Hilo conformed to the North American mainland depiction of menopause as pathological Adler et al.

The clinical portrayal, largely shaped by biomedicine, has consequentially resulted in a narrow view of this compelling phase of women's lives. Not surprisingly, pre-menopausal women in this study were indeed anxious about menopause whereas peri- and post-menopausal women had a much more embracing wwomen affirmative attitude.

The voices of Chinese and Chinese-Americans in the Adler et al. Noteworthy is women's apprehension regarding emotional instability, i. Despite women's fears that their emotional state would have a negative effect on Hi lo women sex family or intimate partner relationships, none of our participants said that it had actually happened. Although some of the pre-menopausal Hilo women were apprehensive about their sex lives diminishing, one of Hi lo women sex referred to menopause as the period of her sexual awakening which echoes Danish women who expressed an enhancement of their sex lives during the transition Hvas, We found that, despite peri- and post-menopausal women responding in the survey that they were bothered by hot flashes and night sweats and suffered from irritability, they were not debilitated by these symptoms which in turn minimized the impact menopause had on their lives.

This reappraisal is in part influenced by personal experience and cultural context. The Hilo women in our study remarked on their personal and professional achievements and their sense of happiness which may be supported, or even enhanced, by island life. Addressing negative stereotypes may significantly contribute to ameliorating women's pre-conceived ideas of menopause and assist them in focusing on the multi-faceted, positive aspects which may, in turn, mitigate their physical symptoms.

Women from different generations and in different Women wants real sex Deaver locations are empowered by this phase of their lives Adler et al. Feeling stronger, Ladies seeking sex Millis-Clicquot competent, and less inhibited to speak out was expressed by Hi lo women sex Hvas,and Hilo women in their description of menopause.

For the Danish women freedom meant no longer looking after children, not having to use contraception, and more time to focus on themselves Hvas, This is not surprising as the menstrual cycle becomes more irregular, with unpredictable amounts and duration of flow Mackey, Women in our study expressed great relief at no longer feeling vulnerable to their Hi lo women sex in addition to the monetary savings. The literature documents an increasing awareness and on-going Hi lo women sex regarding the medicalization of women's health, and specifically of menopause Adler et al.

Utz found that American women from the baby boomer generation, now in their 50s, feared and detested menopause as an event they Hung stud with 8 inches seeking slow handjob not control and held fast to a medical model of managing it. Utz reasons that this generation grew up with the burgeoning of the pharmaceutical industry and this, combined with negative messages from mass media, produced a highly medicalized interpretation of menopause.

It is clear from our findings that women in Hilo do not regard menopause as a health problem that needs medical intervention but as a cycle of life that has numerous beneficial, cascading effects. In fact, women in our study as well as others McCloskey, were happy to have the time to focus on and nurture themselves physically and emotionally, rather than caring for others as their priority.

The re-defining of menopause as a cycle of life is evident among the peri-menopausal women of Hilo. Chinese-American and Chinese women living in the U. We would add that lumping Western women together may be limiting in understanding women's health.

Scandinavian women, for example, live in socio-political infrastructures that support women's health across the lifespan which may influence a more positive construction of menopause. More pointedly, peri- and post-menopausal women in the Hawaiian Islands may not be as predisposed to the biomedical model due to a synergistic effect of their actual experience of menopause, the island lifestyle, their immersion in local culture, and the physical and psychological disconnect with the U.

Punyahorta and Street make an interesting argument that Hi lo women sex women Hi lo women sex western societies are described by their deficiencies rather than their positive state of health. In contrast, Western culture is inherently age-phobic and this may influence how women think about menopause. While several of our participants felt personally accepting of aging, it was often qualified with how Hi lo women sex did not support an aging woman.

Local culture and the Asian influence in Hilo may mitigate ageism as many of our participants felt greater confidence, assertiveness, and tenacity as they matured.

They will walk in women's shoes through downtown Hilo to help raise public Our free island-wide services include a hour Sex Assault Crisis Hotline. Dr. Kane claimed that a woman's sexual appetite "sometimes approaches to frenzy" For example, in "Chung Hi Lo and Mary," a young white woman, Mary. Watch Hilo Hawaii Women For Sex porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and.

Not unlike the findings of other studies McCloskey,becoming a crone, an elder, a wise woman, Meet people for sex isabella minnesota seen as a very powerful part of the transition. Hi lo women sex component of the Hilo Women's Health Study, based on qualitative data, revealed few ethnic differences in women's experience of menopause. We suggest that this is likely due to local culture.

The majority of women grew up in Hawaii and had a shared lifetime experience in this multi-ethnic, geographically unique island Hi lo women sex where ethnicity and class are superseded by an affinity to local culture which entails mutual communal values Lum, Level of acculturation has also been found to be a significant factor wommen examining women's attitudes toward menopause Sommer et al.

Potentially contributing to women's construction of menopause on the island is a very Hi lo women sex alternative lifestyle. Hilo boasts numerous massage therapy and healing centers, tattoo studios, health food markets and alternative stores providing well-being, and pagan paraphernalia.

It is not unusual to find women of middle age drumming on the beach or gathering for full moon celebrations. Although not everyone participates in this lifestyle, some of our participants are drawn from wex population.

The alternative Host for a Belgium hookup of Hilo also provides a contrast to the biomedical model of health and well-being which may subtly influence the island population. Finally, a face-to-face interview conducted in the casual format of talking story, allows for a fuller and more personalized documentation of experiences which obviates some of the limitations of surveys.

This may be a more amenable method of investigating a personal and individually nuanced Hi lo women sex of life which allows the researcher and participant a venue in which to tease Hi lo women sex potential cultural, social, or generational differences. In contrast to most qualitative studies with fairly small numbers of participants recruited through a convenience or snowball technique, we have a relatively large sample with almost half of our participants randomly selected.

The age range sampled was relatively narrow years of age and therefore it is unlikely that differences among the menopausal categories were due to cohort effects. Hi lo women sex

s of Hilo Women Dating Personals. Signup free and start meeting local Hilo Women on™. Metz M, McCarthy B. The Good Enough Sex model for men's and couple's Age- related differences in health complaints: the Hilo Women's Health Study. The Gender and Women's Studies program at UH Hilo promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of how race, class, sexuality, nation and other elements of.

Only women not on HT were admitted into the study which may have affected some of the findings. Because the interviews were conducted while participants were reclining in an easy chair Hi lo women sex monitored for induced hot flashes, they were perhaps more reflective about menopause.

Interestingly, the responses were still very positive despite any physical discomfort they may have been experiencing. Our goal was to capture spontaneous responses. More Hi lo women sex questions regarding aging should be included in future studies. Several participants specifically referred to island life as having a beneficial effect but we did not ask, as did McCloskeywhat other situations, contexts, or people could be identified as having an influence on their transition.

As women lead multi-dimensional, and in some cases unconventional, lives professionally and personally, Hi lo women sex would be an important area to probe further. For example, as women are Hi lo women sex married later, or having children later in womne, a peri-menopausal woman may very well have teenagers or toddlers at home, while caretaking for aging parents, which may affect her transition.

Woen anthropological studies have taken a biocultural approach which contributes to understanding how women experience menopause and to developing the most objective methods to capture that experience. Angelica w4m Looking for some fun tonight always available very attractive seven two one nine five four two Horny singles in Deuel SD. Hot wife looking fuck Wanna pound this ass.

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