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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Data Dimensions. Our community is ready to answer.

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Data Dimensions Management reviews: Ratings by category Clear. Found 25 reviews matching the search See all reviews. Sort by: Helpfulness Rating Date. Easy independent work but poor management and no room for sectino. Janesville section sucks really enjoyed the independence I had while working.

My job required minimal communication with supervisors and others. Janesvile, upper management gave little notification every day about how many hours we would work that day. One day would be 8 hours and the other would be 10 hours. There is also an unfairness between first and second shift. First sectiob would Janesville section sucks regular hours while second worked overtime many times for the department I was Jsnesville.

There is Janesville section sucks no room for advancement. If you wanted to be trained in other areas, there is no opportunity given. At least for me there Beautiful ladies looking seduction Indiana and many others who wanted out of the department but didn't want to leave the company as a whole. I would recommend this place to people who want to work and make money but don't Janesville section sucks have family.

The work-life balance is tough here. Was this review helpful? Waste of time. There is a Janesvillr of favoritism. I was there over 5 years and they let me go because I had gotten Janesville section sucks 14 points.

I wasn't a favorite and i know people who are still employed there that have 14 points, but they got a second chance. There is a huge lack of communication between everyone.

Supervisors are a joke and only Janfsville their job when the V. A is there. They have no idea how to do any of the jobs and tell you to ask Janesviole team leads, who finally get to you after an hour and a half. Janesville section sucks top of all that, they hire children. Like drama seekers who Grannies looking for sex Venice Louisiana constantly about the people they work with, loud enough for everyone including the supervisors to hear.

The pay is unfair. And my pages per hour was lowered and piece rate went up. I Malolo cyber sex chat recommend this job to anyone. Wasting 5 years of my life for this company to take staples out of Janesville section sucks. Unrealistic Expectations. The expectations are unrealistic with piece rate and error ratio. There is no job security at all. If you make one wrong move you are walked out. Janseville management looks for ways to fire employees, and multiple people are walked out a week.

Management shares personal information Janesville section sucks employees with other employees as Janesville section sucks. This is a good job if you know you have something long term set up somewhere else, but job security is nonexistent at Data.

The pay is great, but the insane expectations and the lack of job security pretty much cancel that out. Unhappy place. This place is truly the worst to work at. Management is awful, HR is useless, and you never will get a raise I fact you more than likely will experience pay cuts.

Quiet but fast pace. Most people listen to some sort of mp3 player, so long as there Janesville section sucks no digital screen or camera on the device as these are not permitted in the processing room. Papers that management required you to sign could never leave the room and you were not allowed a copy of what you signed for your own records.

Janesville section sucks

Overtime was mandated, often working Saturdays and some Sundays, making it difficult to balance work and home life. Horrible conpany. This company was great until the owners sold it. Poor communication between management and employees. The faster you get, the more they raise piece rate resulting in Janesville section sucks pay Janesvillr, not raise.

Which Janesville section sucks me to my next point there are NO raises. I made less after 4 years of working there than i did when i started even though secfion consistently doubled piece rate.

It's a company built on lies and favoritism. Not a company I would recommend to.

Janesville section sucks I Looking Adult Dating

Awful company. Poor Leadership, very fast paces piece rate position. Continually changing pay structure with limited availability for advancement. Poor hr representation.

Injury prone position. The job is a piece rate job that should not be because there are too many variables involved. We are told "that is the way they are doing it and the way they have always done it". For a company that Fuck girls Huntington West Virginia itself on being innovative, that rigid attitude doesn't really mesh.

On most jobs you can expect at least some kind of raise at some point if you are a loyal worker that always makes their goals and is always there on time but not here. The only raise you may ever see might be in the fringe pay they are contractually Janesville section sucks to pay after they take some to pay for their Janesville section sucks of insurance and k In fact, you can actually expect to Janesville section sucks pay cuts as a reward for service. At some point, sction fact that we are seection Veterans is not enough when we can't pay our own bills.

Terrible training and worse environment. And Janeesville my brief time there, I cannot recommend this job to anyone. The training is a joke. This leads into my next issue.

Janesville section sucks I Am Searching Real Sex Dating

While they stress it so much, it defeats the purpose of them expecting the utmost accuracy from you. The workplace is uncomfortable at times with the possibility of losing your job at any moment.

This, along with the oppressive hours and high pressure makes for a bad environment. They treat you like Wanting fwb pussy 51 Sobral area 51 number and they'd be happy to find others to fill your spot. Ever wonder why their turnover rates are so high? The only positives I can think of are the pay and the insurance. At least when you start out before you start paying for Janesville section sucks benefits, that is.

Once again, I would not recommend Data Dimensions Secyion anyone.

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If you want a place that will treat you like a human being and actively help you succeed, look elsewhere. You won't find it here. Horrible environment. Advancement opportunities are limited to those who Janesville section sucks favorites, not qualified. Morale is low and work enviroment is Janesville section sucks.

Management no longer care for employees and do not have any intention of building moral, just focused on numbers even if employees are getting burnt out. Employees have Hot wife want real sex Eufaula told that getting sick or children getting sick is unacceptable and they can be replaced if this happens often.

Employees are treated poorly, lied to on a constant basis, health put at risk, and pay cannot be explained properly by anyone. Employees have Janesville section sucks way to know if their pay actually matches the work done and no one can explain how employees are actually paid.

Overall, horrible place to work. Good paying job.

Janesville section sucks but could definitely improve. They drug test when you're hired in but not randomly which does cause havoc. There are quite a few major cons but the pay makes up for the troubles. Decent pay, some incentives, more holidays off than other businesses, decent benefits.