This room this braid

photo by: Bradley Buehring

photo by: Bradley Buehring

As a choreographer I am interested in building an environment and structure that begins as a very tight knit gridded map. This then becomes the foundation for a dialogue with the work. The piece reveals spaces where I then offer falling apart slippery images that may align or rebel from the container created.

I am interested in the multiplicity that occurs between two bodies, as our histories and currencies collide. I strive to reflect the self and the complexities of a fluid body back to the audience, by way of the dancers experiencing visceral and real-time connections. This delivers messages that are responses and invitations to engage with the disparate inputs of contemporary life. 

This work was made possible by a year long residency at Issue Project Room, with support in development by the NewMoves festival in Pittsburg and a curation of the work by Marissa Perel at AUX in Philadelphia. This work premiered as an evening length at The Actors Fund on January 18 & 19 2014. Set by RJ Messineo, sound mixed by Ryan MacDonald, performed by Aretha Aoki and devynn emory, directed and choreographed by devynn emory

Trailer editor: Aden Hakimi, Performers: Aretha Aoki, devynn emory, Set: RJ Messineo

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